Our Services…

Literature Design
Using your branding to create striking literature for products and services should be creatively and practically impactful, tactile and memorable. The use of strategic thinking, considered intelligent design, great imagery and copy can never be underestimated … the power of creativity.
Marketing Support
We have almost 40years experience in Marketing support and can manage individual elements of a campaign or the whole campaign we can advise and help ensure your budget is wisely spent and you get the results you need. We are a single point contact for all of your Marketing needs making your management process simple.
Corporate Identity
Great Corporate Identities differentiate you from your competitors, conveys all kinds of subliminal messages to the viewer, not quite a dark art but a considered, thoughtful and vital part of any organisations armoury in a very competitive world.
Brand Guidelines
Creating a Brand guideline is a vital control on how your company is seen, consistency in everything you produce enables you to maintain a strong presence in your marketplace.
Exhibition Design
Being able to create a branded Corporate booth whatever the size, shape and whatever the method of construction is vital for any company to be presented well.
Exhibition Build Management
The experience to be able to turn a great design into something which works on a practical level and which encompasses everything you need to ensure you can make the most of the show is vital to a successful show.
Project Management
The experience of almost 40 years and the successful management of the most complex and multi-faceted project is a core skill at Freshh! Great communication, experience saves you so much time and money, you can rest assured we take full responsibility for your project.
Packaging Design
The two vital aspects are the development of bespoke construction and creation of exceptional corporate branded design is the key to success. We can help your produce become even more successful draw in prospective customers to try your product and differentiate you from your competitors.
Business Stationery Design
Design of business stationery and how this represents the company is important, this needs to portray a profession and cohesive company to the world, maintaining you brand values in all pieces.
Print Production Management
At Freshh! we have experience in every printing method from digital to gravure and screen this enables us to advise the most cost effective solution to your need produced by the most appropriate process and printer.
Web and Digital Communication
We are passionate about helping our clients get the most from digital communications, our exceptional creative ideas deliver impactful, integrated and cohesive campaigns. Corporate or off the wall we develop thoughtful, memorable user experiences which increase awareness and give you great results.
Print Communications
The design and production of print communication is sometimes seen as old hat, it has certainly changed but is still as important as it ever was. Quality is the key and experience to make the right call in materials and process is paramount to making the most impactful memorable piece of literature.
Augmented Reality
The ever changing face of technology and the ability to create amazing HD and 3D Augmented Reality is such a powerful tool for companies, especially where products and services cannot be easily explained or where you are unable to show benefits through scale or process. Using this technology gives the opportunity to do this in amazing detail, Freshh! work with the most advanced companies in the UK to develop bespoke…
To create an impactful, effective and compelling animation takes a lot of thought and attention to detail, HD quality and super realism gives the opportunity to present aspects of a product or service where in normal circumstances you are unable to see what is happening due to size or location. Animations can also be used as a means of creating memorable and unusual presentations of your company. The development of…
Corporate Film
Working closely with the very best in this field enables results which work on so many levels, the creation of striking films show the company in a new light and creates impact on your clients and prospects alike.